Redemptive Family - the book

Redemptive Family - the book

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In an age where the western church struggles to find its missional edge,
this book is a compelling alternative to the status quo.’
—Mark Keown

‘Read this book with other like-minded Christians and be ready for God to lead you.’
—Justin O’Malley

‘Thoughtful, transparent, and courageous’
Doug Pollock, author of ‘God Space’

Does the way we do church make disciples of our people and help them fulfil their God-given purpose? There can be no apathy, restlessness or boredom in such a church! In his warm and candid style, Howard Webb shows how the scriptural model of church as a mission-centred family embracing its place is the way to both grow our people and grow the Kingdom. Here is a vision of church that has the power to transform us and our world.

Redemptive Family is a book that is sure to kick-start effective discipleship, renew missional zeal, and position churches for greater effectiveness in our generation. It also serves as a blueprint for those wishing to plant a church with relational, missional DNA.

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